Trees for Survival, a Project Partner to Auckland's Million Trees Programme

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has made a commitment to plant a million trees over the next three years, and Trees for Survival has been welcomed as a planting partner in this initiative.
The programme is aimed at greening the Auckland region with predominantly native trees and shrubs. The results will make Auckland greener, offset carbon emissions, protect water quality and therefore improve our living environment.

 “Several years ago a school planted trees on Mayor Goff’s property, so he knows what a successful programme this is. Trees for Survival is delighted to be involved in the million trees programme” says TfS manager Roger Milne.

“With our current rate of growth into new schools, we will be contributing 150,000 trees a year by the end of 2021 – and we don’t intend to stop there!”

New Schools Join Programme

Trees for Survival has had a busy start to 2018 with a number of schools joining its programme and more yet to come. Read more>>>

New Staff Join Programme

Sally Clegg, Auckland Field Officer and Planting Day Coordinator
Janine Schmalfuss, Tauranga Field Coordinator
Ailie Rundle, Western BoP Field Coordinator
Mike Maran, Volunteer Plant Growing Unit Coordinator

Tree Audit Results Are In

Pur Projet visited New Zealand at the end of 2017 to audit the work Trees for Survival does. Read more>>> for highlights from this report.

Site Restored and Transformed

Albany School started planting this gully site in Coatsville in 2012. At the time, it was covered in willow and arum lily, with the stream prone to serious flooding in heavy rain. The school planted 1,760 plants that year, with 39 students, 2 adults, 3 Rotarian volunteers and the landowner. More recently, Pinehill School has completed planting the upper area of this gully.

Look at it now! The native planting is well established and has transformed the site and reduced erosion and the potential for flooding.

A new APP, Myrtle Rust Reporter, gives everyone a chance to join in the fight against Myrtle Rust. Read more>>>

Kauri, the kings of the forest, is under serious threat by a microscopic pathogen commonly known as kauri dieback. The plants, animals and ecosystems that kauri creates and support are indirectly under threat from kauri dieback, as without kauri they cannot live and develop the way they do now. There are at least 17 other plant species that depend entirely on Kauri. Visit the Kauri Dieback website for the recently released set of guidelines for activities such as walking your dog or mountain biking in areas with kauri trees.

Bus Fundraising Gets Underway

This year schools in the Trees for Survival programme can use the organisations givealittle page to fundraise towards their bus hire to the planting site. Please click the donate button just below if you would like to donate towards planting day transport. If you would like to support a specific Trees for Survival school, simply mention their name in the comments section at checkout.
Donate towards Planting Day Transport

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Trees for Survival also acknowledges the Rotary Clubs of New Zealand who support a number of schools in the Trees for Survival programme.
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